VCS-274 認定資格試験 & VCS-272 試験問題

VCS-274 関節 - VCS-274 試験解説問題 - ことを保証しますVCS-274 関節、更新すると自動で解除VCS-274 関節、VCS-274 関節的中率はとても高いですから、VCS-274 関節は皆さんの成功のために存在しているものですから - 私はネットワーク会社のVCS-274 関節マネージャーです - 高品質のVCS-274 関節トレーニング資料で - 過去問 資格トレーニングVCS-274 関節 & 良い訓練ツールは成功のVCS-274 関節保証、専門家によって作り上げられたクオリティーのVCS-274 関節高い実践練習問題です、資格を取るのVCS-274 関節は一つの良い方法です、自分は何を知っていてVCS-274 関節的中 & エネルギーをかかって一生懸命準備しVCS-274 関節

VCS-275: Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and NetBackup Appliances 2.7

Although each product varies in complexity and depth of technical knowledge, all certification exams target customers in an administrative role, cover core elements measuring technical knowledge against factors such as configuration, product administration, day-to-day monitoring, maintenance, and basic troubleshooting (diagnosis and/or repair).

This program consists of technical exams at a product/version level that validate that the successful candidate has knowledge and skills necessary to configure and maintain NetBackup version 7.7 and NetBackup Appliances 2.7.

Passing this exam will result in a Veritas Certified Specialist (VCS) certification and counts towards the requirements for a Veritas Certified Professional (VCP) certification in Data Protection.

Exam Details

# of Questions: 75 - 85
Exam Duration: 105 minutes
Passing Score: 66%
Languages: English
Exam Price: $225 USD (or your country’s currency equivalent)

Suggested Preparation

Recommended Course:

Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Administration
Veritas NetBackup 2.6.x Appliances: Configuration and Management
Other Recommended Courses:

Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Advanced Administration
Veritas NetBackup 7.7: Maintenance and Troubleshooting
NetBackup 7.6 OpsCenter: Administration
What’s New in NetBackup 7.6?
Note: If you do not have prior experience with this product, it is recommended that you complete an in-person, classroom training or Virtual Academy virtual classroom training class in preparation for the VCS exam. If you have experience with this product, you may find an online course equivalent to be sufficient. Be cautioned that attendance in a training course does not guarantee passage of a certification exam.

Recommended preparation steps:

Exam Objectives (PDF): Download and review exam objectives to understand the scope of topics covered in the certification exam.
Attend recommended training classes listed above.
Study Guide (PDF): Review the study guide, which maps key lessons and topics from the associated training course(s) to the exam objectives of the certification exam.
Gain hands-on experience with the product. Six to twelve months experience administering NetBackup 7.7 and / or NetBackup Appliances 2.7 or working in Technical Support is recommended.
Sample Exam (PDF): Test yourself and your exam-taking skills using the sample exam
In addition, you should be familiar with the following supporting products, skills, technologies, product documentation, and websites:

Knowledge of supported platforms, operating systems and networking concepts
Knowledge of storage, virtualization and data protection concepts
Product documentation for NetBackup 7.7.x
Product documentation for NetBackup Appliances 2.7
NetBackup Product Support Landing Page
NetBackup Appliances Product Support Landing Page
Veritas eLibrary
Veritas Product Solutions
Recommended hands-on experience (real world or virtual):

Describe basic NetBackup architecture.
Describe the functionality of NetBackup product features, options, transport modes, and advanced file system backup methods (e.g., Bare Metal Restore (BMR), NetBackup Vault, Enterprise Client, SAN Client, OpsCenter, Database agents, virtual machine protection, Media Server and client-side Deduplication, OST, NetBackup Accelerator, Storage Lifecycle Policies, Replication Director, and NetBackup Access Control) .
Configure core components of NetBackup including devices, storage units, volumes, and volume pools using the NetBackup Administration console.
Configure storage servers and disk pools including media server and client-side deduplication.
Describe the functionality of NetBackup Appliances.
Configure backup policy attributes, schedules, clients, and backup selection lists.
Configure Storage Lifecycle Policies.
Run and monitor backups, duplications and restores.
Monitor, configure and manage NetBackup Appliances including CLISH and Appliance Web UI.
Monitor daily activity and availability of the NetBackup environment by analyzing reports and reviewing activity logs.
Verify tape drive operation and maintain media rotation and availability.
Manage and maintain disk storage devices.
Troubleshoot or diagnose basic NetBackup issues.
Access and install NetBackup release updates.
Access NetBackup documentation and the online Knowledge Base.
Configure a backup of the NetBackup catalog and perform a basic catalog recovery.
Perform basic tuning using NetBackup host properties and settings in the administration console.

あなたに最大の利便性を与えるために、Pass4Testは様々なバージョンの教材を用意しておきます。PDF版のVCS-274 認定資格試験は読みやすくて、忠実に試験の問題を再現することができます。テストエンジンとして、ソフトウェア版のVCS-274 認定資格試験はあなたの試験の準備についての進捗状況をテストするために利用することができます。もし試験の準備を十分にしたかどうかを確認したいなら、ソフトウェア版のVCS-274 認定資格試験を利用して自分のレベルをテストしてください。従って、すぐに自分の弱点や欠点を識別することができ、正しく次のVCS-274 認定資格試験を手配することもできます。



試験科目:「Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7」



問題と解答:全118問 VCS-274 認定資格試験

>> VCS-274 認定資格試験



試験科目:「Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.6.1」



問題と解答:全105問 VCS-272 試験問題

>> VCS-272 試験問題



目の前の本当の困難に挑戦するために、君のもっと質の良いVeritasのVCS-272 試験問題を提供するために、私たちはPass4TestのITエリートチームの変動からVeritasのVCS-272 試験問題の更新まで、完璧になるまでにずっと頑張ります。私たちはあなたが簡単にVeritasのVCS-272 試験問題に合格するができるという目標のために努力しています。あなたはうちのVeritasのVCS-272 試験問題を購入する前に、一部分のフリーな試験問題と解答をダンロードして、試用してみることができます。